Back when I was still a little girl, me and my siblings would always daydreamed about traveling to certain places. During our playtime, we even imagined going to Chocolate Hills -thinking that the hills are chocolates we would agree to get and eat everything until we are satisfied. Hahaha! We always thought our dream wouldn’t happen anymore but when we grew up, we’re able to fulfill our dreams – to travel in different places here in the Philippines. I was just lucky enough that my current company offers travel incentives that’s why I could travel  free every year in different local places.  

” ♫♫♫ Your love is like a sun that lights up my whole world I feel the warmth inside♫♫♫ “

The line I quoted above is from the theme song of the teleserye DOLCE AMORE starred by my Most favorite Love team in the country – LIZQUEN ( Liza Soberano & Enrique Gil). In the story, Tenten and Serena visited many tourist spots which included the beautiful BOHOL as Serena wanders  and wonder her journey of finding her true identity and her Sweet Love.

My very first travel in KVC by plane happened around September 2010. I was on my 2nd year in the company with my current team and by far, this was the most unforgettable trip / team building we ever had. We left Valenzuela at around 4am and arrived at 5:30 am at NAIA. Our boarding time is at 7:30m so we need to be early para hindi maiwanan.. hihihi.. 😉


We took some pictures as we waited for our flight. We’re all smiles here kahit gutom na… :p

All Smiles *wink*

And after 12345678910 years, our plane from CEBU PACIFIC had arrived.. 🙂

“Take Me Safely to the Beautiful City of Friendship…Please!”

I didn’t get the window seat then but had a great time taking some aerial shots…

“It’s So Fluffy! ♥”
Bohol Bound Overview

After an hour and 30 minutes, we reached TAGBILARAN Airport 🙂

Thank You, CEB! ♥
” Maayong Pag-abot sa BOHOL “

We were cheerfully greeted by our driver/tour guide and lead us to different spots in Tagbilaran. He’s quite jolly and very approachable. Too bad, I forgot his name. 😦 


We could see the (Green/Brown) Chocolate hills as we traveled on the road on our way to the deck view overlooking  the famous Chocolate Hills.

“Dream Come True!♥”

When we reached the deck-view, we were told that we need to climb a hundred steps before reaching the top.

Witwiw ang model ko dito! 🙂 Ako: Wit Lang, hundred Steps? Whew! Hahaha! 🙂
Stop over muna-Striking a pose with the Ladies 🙂

Grabe ang hingal ko… ( you know, weak stamina) Still, we did it and saw these beautiful creations by God 🙂



Chocolate Hills is  ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂

We also went to the Man Made forest 🙂

Man-Made Forest ♥

Of course, hindi kami nagpahuli and we did some photoshoot na mala-Twilight ang peg courtesy of Kuya Driver. 🙂

Lovely ♥
Awesome ♥

You can have your pictures in the middle of the road. Yes. As in pwede sa gitna basta walang sasakyan na dadaan 🙂

Japan! Japan!  🙂

After that, we went to Tarsier Conservation Area nearby. I couldn’t remember how much we had paid for entrance fees but some of the tour packages are inclusive of the fees.

Such a Cutie! ♥

According to our tour guide, tarsiers are susceptible of suicides that’s why we were advised not to touch them. During that time, we were allowed to take closer pictures with the tarsiers but without using the flash of cameras. We are very lucky indeed because as of the moment, you can no longer take pictures with them as they are very fragile and sensitive species.

One Lucky girl! ♥

It was almost noon and we went to Loboc River for the Cruise and to eat the Lunch buffet inclusive of our tour. Syempre, picture taking muna habang naghihintay. 🙂

Patiently Waiting ♥

The Loboc River Cruise is a must-do when you visit Bohol. It offers lunch buffet and live entertainment on-board.  If you’ve watched the movie Close to You by Bea Alonzo,  John Lloyd Cruz and Sam Milby, the movie also highlighted the different spots in Bohol and also featured how Bea and Lloydie confirmed their feelings for each other as they rode different boats as they cruise the river. In Dolce Amore, Serena and Tenten also tried the Cruise as part of their itinerary during their stay in Sitio Manibugho. Whoa! Sorry for the fangirling mode… hehehe 🙂 

Going back, The buffet served Filipino food choices which includes BBQs, steamed Shrimps, Green mangoes and Bagoong. The food choices are very typical but the experience is truly fun and relaxing as per my experience. We were also serenaded by the Loboc Children’s Choir who sang and danced to entertain every passengers which also represented Boholanos warm welcome, hospitality and friendliness to every people who visited Bohol. 



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As soon as we finished the cruise, we visited the beautiful Baclayon Church nearby Loboc and  it was one of the oldest Catholic church built in Bohol. It is also known as La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church or The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary Parish Church. The church was declared a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines and a National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. The church is also very strict in implementing the  proper attire when visiting their museum and the church. The lady butlers would hand you some piece of cloth to cover you when you’re wearing sleeveless, sando, shorts & skirts. We also had the chance to write our prayer request in a paper leaf-shaped and hang them in their “Petition/Prayer Tree.” When we went outside, we lit some colored candles according to our request and petitions. 

It was very fascinating for me to see how beautiful the structure of this church and how they are able to maintain it after many years. Too bad,  I didn’t have the chance to take a picture of the facade of Baclayon Church because we need to leave to go to for another spot.  Before that, we first stop at Sampaguita bakery nearby to buy Broas or lady fingers and some local delicacies for pasalubong for our loved ones. They offer lower prices compared when you buy outside Baclayon.


Our next stop is the Dauis  Church located at Panglao near Tagbilaran city. The church occupies a strip of land on the shore of Panglao Island opposite Tagbilaran City. One of the most beautiful churches of Bohol, one gets an excellent view of the church and convento from the Mansasa seaside as one travels from Tagbilaran to Baclayon. The approach from the Gov. Jacinto Borja Bridge also gives an impressive view of this church. The church also provides improvised skirt and “balabal” to those tourists who wear improper attire inside the church.  

According to our tour guide, the patron saint – the Virgin of Assumption possesses miraculous powers. An old legend relates that once, when the town was invaded by pirates, the people of Dauis locked themselves into the church. However, they soon ran out of provisions and water. Then a miracle occurred: a well appeared at the foot of the altar. This same well is still the main source of water for the people living close to the church, and, although the well is only a few meters from the sea, the water is absolutely fresh. The water is said to have healing powers. The church is selling them for 10 or 15  pesos if you don’t have any containers with you. 


The Church gave me that romantic and serene  feeling as I watched the fascinating views across this church. Pilgrims, devotees and faithfuls flock here to invoke special petitions and honor Our Lady. As a catholic, I believe that when we want something to happen, we need to pray for it constantly, be patient and  most of all, have deeper faith that all our prayers and fervent favors will be answered.  However, these 2 churches have been greatly damaged when an Earthquake hit Bohol during 2013. It is just sad that the oldest churches in Bohol were destroyed but only God knows why. At this point of time, restoration is continuously on-going for some churches while others are still on retrieval operations. We are just fortunate enough to see its beauty and old formation before the natural calamity happened. God truly love us and for that we are forever Thankful! ♥

boholtrip (133).JPG
Thank You, Papa God! ♥

Our last spot for our City tour is the Hinagdanan Cave located in Panglao.  Sorry, I forgot how much the exact fee was but each of us paid an entrance fee and explored the cave with the help of the native guide. It’s quite risky going down because the floors are slippery. they say that  the cave has a naturally lighted cavern with a deep lagoon with many large stalactites and stalagmites. It leads to a large underground cavern, that contains a pond which is a popular swimming spot. We didn’t try to dip in the water even if it’s permitted because it’s too dark and we’re too tired to do it. We also need to check in at Bohol Bee Farm before 7pm.

 After exploring the cave, we immediately traveled to Bohol Bee Farm for us to check in,  fix ourselves and get some rest after a long day. Bohol Bee Farm is an agriculture haven situated on top of a cliff on Panglao Island, Bohol dedicated to bee cultivation, organic farming, and healthy eating. Aside from growing diverse agricultural produce, it also houses a resort and a restaurant where visitors can take a time off from the city and find relaxation while providing livelihood to the local residents.

boholtrip (163).JPG

Bohol Bee Farm has a view overlooking the Panglao Island- very picturesque view! 🙂

boholtrip (164)
Panglao Island♥

We got the Colony, which is the room of the owners. It’s very spacious and got 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a cozy living room.  Anyhow, we fixed our things and waited for everyone to finish so we could have our dinner.  

If you’re health conscious, Bohol Bee Fram is ideal for you. The farm restaurant has a wide array of natural and organically grown food that includes pure honey, honey spread, honey mustard salad dressing, herb bread (a favorite among foreign visitors), kamote bread (preferred by Filipinos), squash muffins, gumamela hot tea, vegetable lasagna, brewed coffee from roasted corn, honeyed halo-halo, and spicy flower salad. We tried the garden salad, kamote bread, squash muffins, tanglad juice, vegetable lasagna and seafood soup.

 After our dinner, we went back to our room and experienced something very weird and funny. Because we love each other so much (char!), we decided and agreed to sleep in 1 room since the other room do not have television ( hehehe!) I was on the bathroom then because I wasn’t feeling well when I heard a weird sound (Tuuuuuuuuuukkkkk-oh!) I immediately went outside the bathroom because the sound was getting louder and nearer. I sat at the end of the bed when one of us saw a giant lizard. We screamed and squealed as we’re surprised to see a very huge Gecko lizard or Tuko. We didn’t sleep immediately because we’re all afraid that it might fall on our faces as we sleep that night (eeeeekkkkk!) Here’s our initial reaction as we observed that Tuko… hahahaha!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m the most affected here since I didn’t sleep well that night. I was the last to wake up the next day just like Serena when she heard the Tuko’s sound that night. 


So Scared Sa Tuko :p

The next day, we are instructed to have our breakfast in the pool area where we were served scrambled eggs, waffle, ham, juice and hot chocolate. Yummy breakfast! 🙂

boholtrip (181).JPGboholtrip (187).JPG

boholtrip (185).JPG

What a Breakfast!  🙂

After that, we  strolled in the activity area before having some tour in the farm. We are given lectures about raffia weaving, furniture making, sewing, paddling, basket making, bee culture and organic farming methods .

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At long last, we’re done. Picture taking ulit.. hahaha.. 🙂

boholtrip (246).JPG

Naturally Beautiful 🙂

The tour ended with a free taste of Malunggay Ice cream at the Buzz ice Cream shop. Ice cream flavors choices are malunggay, mango, avocado, pandan, choco, ube, buko, durian and spicy ginger and cost Php 40.oo while the special, honeyed and halo-halo cost Php 90.00. I tried the Malunggay flavor since we don’t have it here in Manila. In fairness, masarap pala! 🙂 🙂 🙂

As we waited for our check-out time, as usual, nag-feeling photographer muna ako.. 🙂

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We left Bee Farm around 11 am after we are served super yummy sandwiches and shakes for our lunch/merienda and bought some souvenirs and other pasalubong.


We were fetched by Bee Farm’s service shuttle on our way to the airport and yes, hindi kami na-late.. yeehaw! 🙂


Ready to go home 🙂


GoodBye  and Thank You, BohoL! ♥

If given a chance,  I would love to go back in Bohol. Marami pa akong gustong puntahan doon and i-explore especially the hanging bridge, the zipline adventure, the butterfly haven and a lot more. Hopefully, by God’s provision, he would let me travel Bohol again but with my Family naman. 

boholtrip (276)

iamsupermajho l♥ves bohol 🙂

I hope you had a great time reading my blog. Thank you and Till next! :* Mwaah! ♥