I had the chance to explore the beauty of Bicolandia region, together  with my colleagues around 2nd week of October 2012. We left Valenzuela City around 4 a.m. because our flight was half past 6 a.m. We reached the airport just in time and waited for our boarding time.  The travel time to reach Legazpi is approximately an hour but  depends on the air traffic.


Aerial Shot Of Mt. Mayon

We arrived at Legazpi Airport at around 8 a.m and this is the first thing I saw at the plane’s window.


Maligayang Pagdating Sa Legazpi! 🙂

We are quite excited to explore Legazpi City as we heard many good reviews in this tourist’s  spot.


Reading Team 🙂



The Oriental Legazpi, our residence for our overnight trip, provided us a van and took us to the hotel after a fifteen-minutes drive from the airport. The hotel is located on top of Taysan hill, overlooking Legazpi City and the beautiful Mayon Volcano. Upon reaching the hotel, we are greeted by their friendly staff. As you can see, the hotel is quite cozy and sophisticated.


They let us wait at the check-in lounge and also offered us welcome drinks as they prepared the rooms that we’ve reserved. 


Finally, after 5 minutes, we are given our room assignments and room access so we could unload our things. We are told to freshen up and be back at the lobby to start our city tour.

Our first stop was the Lignon Hill, one of the prominent landmarks in Legazpi City. 




It operates from 8 a.m to 11 p.m daily with a minimum park environmental fee for those who will visit. This place offers a panoramic view of  the city’s skyline, nearby cities, the volcano and several activities like zip-line, biking, jogging, etc. We arrived here at around 10 a.m. and because it’s quite cloudy, we did not capture the perfect cone shape of this volcano. It’s quite perfect to go here during earlier time and during the evening for a more fantastic view. Our tour guide told us that during the Mt. Mayon eruption, this place blocked the lava flow and prevented massive destruction in the city. We got our own vehicle that’s why we didn’t experience trekking up the hill. Here are some of the shots I’ve got in our trip as we explore the view deck of Lignon Hill.


Zip-line seen on the Parking Area


Lignon Hill’s Map


Sssshhh…the island nearby  looks like a sleeping lion


Legazpi Airport’s runway

We didn’t forget to take obligatory group photos for keepsake purposes. 

Of course, I’ll always have some moments, too! 🙂




♥ Lignon Moments ♥


One Last Look at Magayon na Bulkan 🙂

We also went to the Japanese Tunnel inside the Lignon Hill. 


We failed to get inside the cave because there’s no one to assist us. So, we go down again and just took a picture instead.


After that, we went to PHIVOLCS Observatory located also at Lignon Hill.

phivolcs (5)

It serves as the central monitoring station for Mayon and as a Science House for visitors and the scientific community in the area as well. It was constructed in 1989 and the third observatory in Albay. We’re able to learn something new here especially in using different materials to observe the volcano’s activity.

phivolcs (1)phivolcs (4)phivolcs (3)phivolcs (2)

Our next stop is the Cagsawa Park or Cagsawa Ruins which is located in Brgy. Busay, Cagsawa, Daraga, Albay. 

cagsawa (16).JPG

Beautiful Cagsawa Ruins

One of the historical places in Albay, it was built in 1587 and known as Cagsawa Church. In 1636, it was burned down by the thieving Dutch and reconstructed during 1724. However, in 1814, the Mayon Volcano erupted and caused a massive destruction to the church, surroundings and houses and death to approximately 2,000 people living inside the community. Only the belfry and some parts of the convent survive and is maintained and preserved by the city government.

cagsawa (34).JPG

the Divine Mercy statue located inside the park

cagsawa (22)

the belfry of Cagsawa church

cagsawa (40)

the ruins of the Convent

It was raining then when we reached the park, we have to wait for a few minutes inside the van. Luckily, the rain stopped and gave us a cool, chilly weather. We first had our obligatory group shot at Cagsawa Park.

We had a lot of picture taking activity that day  – as in, a lot 🙂

And yes, I still have my own fair share of limelight, hahaha!!! 🙂

cagsawa (26)cagsawa (27)

cagsawa (28)

♥Cagsawa Moments♥

It’s almost 12 noon when we left Cagsawa ruins. It’s lunch time already.

We dropped by along a small restaurant, which I forgot the name, known for their famous dishes. We tried their Sinigang (not in the picture), Tempura, the famous Pinangat, which were all good and delicious and their Bicol Express was really spicy.  

Our next stop after our lunch is the Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave.


Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave

Hoyop-Hoyopan cave is located in Cotmon Village, Camalig, Albay.  There are entrance and parking fees in visiting this cave as it’s maintained by three well-known families in Albay. We also hired a local tour guide to accompany us inside the cave. According to our guide, it’ll take us 11 hours too fully explore the cave butt we opted to have the short one. The cave has a natural ventilation, that’s why it’s called “Hoyop-Hoyopan.” The word “hoyop” in Bicol means “blowing of the wind.” One of the cave’s opening will give you a majestic view of Mayon volcano in its serene or violent mood. We started our trek and took our group picture inside as we finished the first level.

hoyopan (13).JPG

Level 1-done!

The tour guide narrated some stories about the cave’s history and about the stalactites and stalagmites seen inside the cave. We were very entertained in his ways of describing each of the rock formations. Here are the few shots I got inside the cave.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At the end of the tour, we bought some crystals (not in the picture) which is said to bring good fortune and home-made souvenirs for us to remember this memory always.

pasalubong (5).JPG

Miniature of Mt. Mayon

The cave is a good place for those people who want to venture out for adventure.  I’m not fond into this kind of activity because I’m quite afraid of the dark and steep or murky floors but I’ve enjoyed this. It’s always nice to acquire new learning and information as well as accomplish something in places you’ve never been before.

hoyopan (6).JPG

Hooray! We did it!

 We traveled back to Daraga to see Our Lady of Gate Parish.

daraga (25)daraga (6)daraga (5)daraga (7)daraga (8)

Our Lady of Gate Parish is also known as Nuestra Señora de la Porteria Parish Church, but commonly known as Daraga Church. It was erected atop a hill in barangay Santa Maria overlooking the Mayon Volcano. We’re told that this church serves as a settlement of people who relocate after Mount Mayon eruption.

I had to stop by because I don’t want to miss capturing the beautiful view of the volcano.

daraga (4)

♥Mt. Mayon♥

By the time that we visited this church, it was under restoration. The facade of this church is an example of Baroque style and alongside of the church is the covenant. We all had the chance to pray for our intentions and I didn’t forget to say mine. They also had a solemn place for the devotees of each Saints.

daraga (9)daraga (16)daraga (23)daraga (22)daraga (21)daraga (20)daraga (19)daraga (17)daraga (18)daraga (24)daraga (10)daraga (11)daraga (12)daraga (13)daraga (14)daraga (15)

We didn’t forget to take pictures at the facade of Daraga Church and The Mayon Volcano.

daraga (27)

daraga (26).JPG

Our final stop is to trek  the Lava and Trail summit of Mount Mayon. 

a (3)

Ready for Adventure

Your Brother Travel and Tours provided us a 4×4 vehicle on our way to the summit. The bumpy, rough and jagged trails with waters and lava rocks made our adrenaline pumped up as we traversed our way to a more exciting experience.

a (1)a (4)

We reached the end course, which is the parking area of the 4×4 and we took first a group picture as a proof that our memorable adventure really happened.

As we walked on our way to the top of the Lava Wall, I really couldn’t believe that I would be experiencing this adventure. I never imagined that I would be brave enough traversing the trails of Mayon Volcano. Anyway, as much as I wanted to quit, I still couldn’t because it’s only a once in a lifetime experience. So off we started climbing the debris of the lava wall. 

a (2)

So high…

It was really frightening to climb the debris and rocks because most us were just wearing slippers and flip flops as you can see.  

trek (4)

almost there…

trek (5)


Still, we did it and reached halfway the lava front. We stopped for a while to take this awesome picture.

trek (7)


trek (6)

brave ladies

When we reached the lava front, also known as the helipad, I was mesmerized with a closer view of the volcano and the 360 degrees view of the city.


Of course, we really seized the moment taking pictures here, there and everywhere. 

Some local legends attempt to explain why and when Mayon chooses to hide behind the clouds. One legend says that Mount Mayon is the burial ground of Princess Daragang Mayon and her lover Ulap. When clouds cover the peak, this means the princess is locked in a tight embrace and lost in a passionate kiss with her lover. 

trek (21)

Thank you and See you Again, Mayon! ♥

The easy way to go down is to take a zip-line. However, it’s quite expensive that’s why we preferred doing the trek down even if it’s quite difficult. We spent some 20-30 minutes  climbing down the lava wall.  I was the third person to go down so I took a picture of them before going down.

trek (17)

the Art of Waiting 🙂

Truly, God has been so good to us because he gave us a good weather, courage and strength to experience this. 

trek (26)

Thumbs Up! (Y)

This will be forever memorable to all of us – bumpy, rough, scary but awesome! ♥

trek (25)

It was almost sunset when we reached the town proper. We went first at the Albay Pili store. It is the most popular pasalubong shop in Legazpi City and operates from Monday to Sunday. This store resembles an ancestral house and offers variants of famous pili nuts and Bicol’s delicacies in a jar. The store accepts cash and credit cards for their transaction. These were  my choices then for a budget of 600 pesos. 

pasalubong (8).JPG

After that, we went to the local market nearby the bus terminal because we heard that the products are quite cheaper  then. We bought a lot because they have some promos for their products. I bought some pili de pastillas,  ref magnets, key chains, coin purses, local pili nuts variants and the yummy mazapan that tasted like yema (both not in the picture) and believe it or not I only paid 200 pesos for everything. I made some “tawad” or asked for discounts because I wanted to buy a shirt then but I didn’t so I still have 200 left for my pasalubong budget.

pasalubong (3)pasalubong (6)

pasalubong (4).JPG

We had our dinner at SIBID-SiBID restaurant located somewhere along Legazpi City. We had a hard time locating it but through the help of my bosses’ colleague, we’re able to find it. Sibid-Sibid is a full service restaurant that serves seafoods and traditional pinoy dishes at very reasonable prices.

sibid (1).JPG

Our food choices for that day were Rice, Kare-Kare, Grilled Stuffed Squid, Pork Sisig and Steak

Our tummies were filled sumptuously and after our dinner we went back to the hotel.  We also saw the famous Embarcadero but forgot to capture it. After few minutes, we reached the hotel and it was majestic at night. I tried taking pictures of the city’s view at night but I failed to have some good shot. It was neither blur or too dark.


We didn’t have the chance to take a swim in the pool because it’s already close at 8pm. We went  to our own rooms, took a shower then capped the night off. In my case, I fixed my things already so I won’t have to hurry for the next day when we check out.  I woke up at 5:30 a.m. even if I’m still sleepy and my body’s aching. I did that so I could have a sight of Mayon Volcano early in the morning. However, ’twas very foggy that morning and this was the only good shot I got.

oriental (22).JPG

“Another legend says that the Mayon Volcano only reveals herself to the pure of heart…” Am I? ♥

Before having our breakfast buffet, we went to the pool side in the 3rd floor and have our pictures taken there.

goodmorning (6).JPG

goodmorning (9).JPG

goodmorning (18)goodmorning (19)

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oriental (26)oriental (27)

After that, we fixed ourselves and then we went to Jasmine Restaurant for our complimentary buffet breakfast. Here are some of my shots inside the restaurant. 

We really had a good time trying their buffet. So yummy! Of course, we didn’t forget to take a group shot of this scrumptious moment. 

jasminebuffet (1).JPG

After our breakfast, we looked in the souvenir shop inside the hotel. They’re selling native bags, slippers, towels, caps, shorts and shirts. I found some good quality shirt for 100 pesos each and bought 2 pieces. We then walked around and took some pictures as we waited for our check-out.

oriental (12).JPG

The sun is up then but we went back at the pool area to have a better view of the hotel and the city and of course to have our own photo souvenirs.

oriental (5)oriental (6)

oriental (52)oriental (53)oriental (54)

After few minutes, we went inside the hotel again and killed the time taking pictures and watching TV.

oriental (3)oriental (15)oriental (16)oriental (11)oriental (19)

We checked out at 12 pm and reached the airport within 15 minutes-quite early for our flight back to Manila. We safely reached Manila at around 3 p.m. and went home around 7 p.m.

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Truly, it’s more fun in the Philippines as it was fun exploring LEGAZPI. I’m just grateful to God for the blessing and guidance. I want to thank my boss(es) for their generosity in giving us travel opportunities like this. I just hope I could also travel back there to discover more places and activities with my family. Thank you for Reading my blog and Til Next Time! :*

oriental (13).JPG

Tiis-Ganda BICOLANDIA shot ♥



Back when I was still a little girl, me and my siblings would always daydreamed about traveling to certain places. During our playtime, we even imagined going to Chocolate Hills -thinking that the hills are chocolates we would agree to get and eat everything until we are satisfied. Hahaha! We always thought our dream wouldn’t happen anymore but when we grew up, we’re able to fulfill our dreams – to travel in different places here in the Philippines. I was just lucky enough that my current company offers travel incentives that’s why I could travel  free every year in different local places.  

” ♫♫♫ Your love is like a sun that lights up my whole world I feel the warmth inside♫♫♫ “

The line I quoted above is from the theme song of the teleserye DOLCE AMORE starred by my Most favorite Love team in the country – LIZQUEN ( Liza Soberano & Enrique Gil). In the story, Tenten and Serena visited many tourist spots which included the beautiful BOHOL as Serena wanders  and wonder her journey of finding her true identity and her Sweet Love.

My very first travel in KVC by plane happened around September 2010. I was on my 2nd year in the company with my current team and by far, this was the most unforgettable trip / team building we ever had. We left Valenzuela at around 4am and arrived at 5:30 am at NAIA. Our boarding time is at 7:30m so we need to be early para hindi maiwanan.. hihihi.. 😉


We took some pictures as we waited for our flight. We’re all smiles here kahit gutom na… :p

All Smiles *wink*

And after 12345678910 years, our plane from CEBU PACIFIC had arrived.. 🙂

“Take Me Safely to the Beautiful City of Friendship…Please!”

I didn’t get the window seat then but had a great time taking some aerial shots…

“It’s So Fluffy! ♥”
Bohol Bound Overview

After an hour and 30 minutes, we reached TAGBILARAN Airport 🙂

Thank You, CEB! ♥
” Maayong Pag-abot sa BOHOL “

We were cheerfully greeted by our driver/tour guide and lead us to different spots in Tagbilaran. He’s quite jolly and very approachable. Too bad, I forgot his name. 😦 


We could see the (Green/Brown) Chocolate hills as we traveled on the road on our way to the deck view overlooking  the famous Chocolate Hills.

“Dream Come True!♥”

When we reached the deck-view, we were told that we need to climb a hundred steps before reaching the top.

Witwiw ang model ko dito! 🙂 Ako: Wit Lang, hundred Steps? Whew! Hahaha! 🙂
Stop over muna-Striking a pose with the Ladies 🙂

Grabe ang hingal ko… ( you know, weak stamina) Still, we did it and saw these beautiful creations by God 🙂



Chocolate Hills is  ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂

We also went to the Man Made forest 🙂

Man-Made Forest ♥

Of course, hindi kami nagpahuli and we did some photoshoot na mala-Twilight ang peg courtesy of Kuya Driver. 🙂

Lovely ♥
Awesome ♥

You can have your pictures in the middle of the road. Yes. As in pwede sa gitna basta walang sasakyan na dadaan 🙂

Japan! Japan!  🙂

After that, we went to Tarsier Conservation Area nearby. I couldn’t remember how much we had paid for entrance fees but some of the tour packages are inclusive of the fees.

Such a Cutie! ♥

According to our tour guide, tarsiers are susceptible of suicides that’s why we were advised not to touch them. During that time, we were allowed to take closer pictures with the tarsiers but without using the flash of cameras. We are very lucky indeed because as of the moment, you can no longer take pictures with them as they are very fragile and sensitive species.

One Lucky girl! ♥

It was almost noon and we went to Loboc River for the Cruise and to eat the Lunch buffet inclusive of our tour. Syempre, picture taking muna habang naghihintay. 🙂

Patiently Waiting ♥

The Loboc River Cruise is a must-do when you visit Bohol. It offers lunch buffet and live entertainment on-board.  If you’ve watched the movie Close to You by Bea Alonzo,  John Lloyd Cruz and Sam Milby, the movie also highlighted the different spots in Bohol and also featured how Bea and Lloydie confirmed their feelings for each other as they rode different boats as they cruise the river. In Dolce Amore, Serena and Tenten also tried the Cruise as part of their itinerary during their stay in Sitio Manibugho. Whoa! Sorry for the fangirling mode… hehehe 🙂 

Going back, The buffet served Filipino food choices which includes BBQs, steamed Shrimps, Green mangoes and Bagoong. The food choices are very typical but the experience is truly fun and relaxing as per my experience. We were also serenaded by the Loboc Children’s Choir who sang and danced to entertain every passengers which also represented Boholanos warm welcome, hospitality and friendliness to every people who visited Bohol. 



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As soon as we finished the cruise, we visited the beautiful Baclayon Church nearby Loboc and  it was one of the oldest Catholic church built in Bohol. It is also known as La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church or The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary Parish Church. The church was declared a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines and a National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. The church is also very strict in implementing the  proper attire when visiting their museum and the church. The lady butlers would hand you some piece of cloth to cover you when you’re wearing sleeveless, sando, shorts & skirts. We also had the chance to write our prayer request in a paper leaf-shaped and hang them in their “Petition/Prayer Tree.” When we went outside, we lit some colored candles according to our request and petitions. 

It was very fascinating for me to see how beautiful the structure of this church and how they are able to maintain it after many years. Too bad,  I didn’t have the chance to take a picture of the facade of Baclayon Church because we need to leave to go to for another spot.  Before that, we first stop at Sampaguita bakery nearby to buy Broas or lady fingers and some local delicacies for pasalubong for our loved ones. They offer lower prices compared when you buy outside Baclayon.


Our next stop is the Dauis  Church located at Panglao near Tagbilaran city. The church occupies a strip of land on the shore of Panglao Island opposite Tagbilaran City. One of the most beautiful churches of Bohol, one gets an excellent view of the church and convento from the Mansasa seaside as one travels from Tagbilaran to Baclayon. The approach from the Gov. Jacinto Borja Bridge also gives an impressive view of this church. The church also provides improvised skirt and “balabal” to those tourists who wear improper attire inside the church.  

According to our tour guide, the patron saint – the Virgin of Assumption possesses miraculous powers. An old legend relates that once, when the town was invaded by pirates, the people of Dauis locked themselves into the church. However, they soon ran out of provisions and water. Then a miracle occurred: a well appeared at the foot of the altar. This same well is still the main source of water for the people living close to the church, and, although the well is only a few meters from the sea, the water is absolutely fresh. The water is said to have healing powers. The church is selling them for 10 or 15  pesos if you don’t have any containers with you. 


The Church gave me that romantic and serene  feeling as I watched the fascinating views across this church. Pilgrims, devotees and faithfuls flock here to invoke special petitions and honor Our Lady. As a catholic, I believe that when we want something to happen, we need to pray for it constantly, be patient and  most of all, have deeper faith that all our prayers and fervent favors will be answered.  However, these 2 churches have been greatly damaged when an Earthquake hit Bohol during 2013. It is just sad that the oldest churches in Bohol were destroyed but only God knows why. At this point of time, restoration is continuously on-going for some churches while others are still on retrieval operations. We are just fortunate enough to see its beauty and old formation before the natural calamity happened. God truly love us and for that we are forever Thankful! ♥

boholtrip (133).JPG
Thank You, Papa God! ♥

Our last spot for our City tour is the Hinagdanan Cave located in Panglao.  Sorry, I forgot how much the exact fee was but each of us paid an entrance fee and explored the cave with the help of the native guide. It’s quite risky going down because the floors are slippery. they say that  the cave has a naturally lighted cavern with a deep lagoon with many large stalactites and stalagmites. It leads to a large underground cavern, that contains a pond which is a popular swimming spot. We didn’t try to dip in the water even if it’s permitted because it’s too dark and we’re too tired to do it. We also need to check in at Bohol Bee Farm before 7pm.

 After exploring the cave, we immediately traveled to Bohol Bee Farm for us to check in,  fix ourselves and get some rest after a long day. Bohol Bee Farm is an agriculture haven situated on top of a cliff on Panglao Island, Bohol dedicated to bee cultivation, organic farming, and healthy eating. Aside from growing diverse agricultural produce, it also houses a resort and a restaurant where visitors can take a time off from the city and find relaxation while providing livelihood to the local residents.

boholtrip (163).JPG

Bohol Bee Farm has a view overlooking the Panglao Island- very picturesque view! 🙂

boholtrip (164)
Panglao Island♥

We got the Colony, which is the room of the owners. It’s very spacious and got 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a cozy living room.  Anyhow, we fixed our things and waited for everyone to finish so we could have our dinner.  

If you’re health conscious, Bohol Bee Fram is ideal for you. The farm restaurant has a wide array of natural and organically grown food that includes pure honey, honey spread, honey mustard salad dressing, herb bread (a favorite among foreign visitors), kamote bread (preferred by Filipinos), squash muffins, gumamela hot tea, vegetable lasagna, brewed coffee from roasted corn, honeyed halo-halo, and spicy flower salad. We tried the garden salad, kamote bread, squash muffins, tanglad juice, vegetable lasagna and seafood soup.

 After our dinner, we went back to our room and experienced something very weird and funny. Because we love each other so much (char!), we decided and agreed to sleep in 1 room since the other room do not have television ( hehehe!) I was on the bathroom then because I wasn’t feeling well when I heard a weird sound (Tuuuuuuuuuukkkkk-oh!) I immediately went outside the bathroom because the sound was getting louder and nearer. I sat at the end of the bed when one of us saw a giant lizard. We screamed and squealed as we’re surprised to see a very huge Gecko lizard or Tuko. We didn’t sleep immediately because we’re all afraid that it might fall on our faces as we sleep that night (eeeeekkkkk!) Here’s our initial reaction as we observed that Tuko… hahahaha!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m the most affected here since I didn’t sleep well that night. I was the last to wake up the next day just like Serena when she heard the Tuko’s sound that night. 


So Scared Sa Tuko :p

The next day, we are instructed to have our breakfast in the pool area where we were served scrambled eggs, waffle, ham, juice and hot chocolate. Yummy breakfast! 🙂

boholtrip (181).JPGboholtrip (187).JPG

boholtrip (185).JPG

What a Breakfast!  🙂

After that, we  strolled in the activity area before having some tour in the farm. We are given lectures about raffia weaving, furniture making, sewing, paddling, basket making, bee culture and organic farming methods .

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At long last, we’re done. Picture taking ulit.. hahaha.. 🙂

boholtrip (246).JPG

Naturally Beautiful 🙂

The tour ended with a free taste of Malunggay Ice cream at the Buzz ice Cream shop. Ice cream flavors choices are malunggay, mango, avocado, pandan, choco, ube, buko, durian and spicy ginger and cost Php 40.oo while the special, honeyed and halo-halo cost Php 90.00. I tried the Malunggay flavor since we don’t have it here in Manila. In fairness, masarap pala! 🙂 🙂 🙂

As we waited for our check-out time, as usual, nag-feeling photographer muna ako.. 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We left Bee Farm around 11 am after we are served super yummy sandwiches and shakes for our lunch/merienda and bought some souvenirs and other pasalubong.


We were fetched by Bee Farm’s service shuttle on our way to the airport and yes, hindi kami na-late.. yeehaw! 🙂


Ready to go home 🙂


GoodBye  and Thank You, BohoL! ♥

If given a chance,  I would love to go back in Bohol. Marami pa akong gustong puntahan doon and i-explore especially the hanging bridge, the zipline adventure, the butterfly haven and a lot more. Hopefully, by God’s provision, he would let me travel Bohol again but with my Family naman. 

boholtrip (276)

iamsupermajho l♥ves bohol 🙂

I hope you had a great time reading my blog. Thank you and Till next! :* Mwaah! ♥ 


#CALAMBA101 :)

“Laguna nang ikaw ay marating ko.. para bang ako’y nagbago-kakaibang damdamin, kung iisipin mo…” 

Sounds Familiar, right?  That line is taken from the song, “Laguna” sung by Sampaguita during the 70s or 80s, written maybe for the love of the place itself-I guess! Laguna  is located in the Calabarzon region and famous for their Hot Spring Resorts, Lake, Bay, Mountains, Falls,Forest, UP Campus, amusement parks, Underground Cemetery, various feast and festivities, fruits, buko pies, yema cakes and other delicacies, Churches and not to forget that it is the hometown of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. Laguna has been one of the favorite summer destination of every Pinoys. I even remember my childhood days going here for school excursions and field trips. I will always remember that we were already in Laguna when we passed by the Coca Cola beside the toll exit (I even remembered the times that I imagined sipping that large bottle of Coke displayed outside the factory)as well as the Calamba arc and giant claypot landmark. These will always be my reminder that I’m already far from Manila. You can check out JAM LINER or JAC LINER for their fare guide and bus schedules to different destination in Laguna.

Anyway, today, I will share with y’all my Calamba expedition and experience last 2011.


“Overlooking Mt. Makiling…”

It was in April of 2011 when our company held a 3 days seminar / team building at EGL Resort – a private property located at an exclusive village along the road of Calamba which is for rent and ideal if your family or friends wanted a private place to relax and rest. It has 4 rooms on the second floor that can accommodate up to six persons per room, a poolside, a Jacuzzi, a small basketball court, an activity area, a dining area, a spacious kitchen and a garage. It has been our home for 3 days and the owners had accommodated us very well. 

-1st day in CALAMBA Laguna-


EGL Resort Laguna, 2011


Pool & Jacuzzi


Activity Hall


Dining/Entertainment Area

-2ndday in CALAMBA Laguna-

It was Sunday so few of us attended the Mass at St. John the Baptist Parish – also  known as Calamba Church. It is the oldest Roman Catholic church in Calamba and located adjacent to Rizal Shrine which is known as the christening site of Dr. Jose Rizal.




After the mass, we also decided to visit the Bahay ni Rizal or Rizal Shrine nearby.


Bahay ni Rizal or Rizal Shrine (2011)

It is a reproduction of the original two-story, Spanish-Colonial style house in Calamba  where our national hero was born. Everyone could pay a visit in the shrine because there are no entrance fees. Yes! It’s FREE and open to the public from Tuesdays- Sundays from 8 am to 12 noon and 1 pm to 5 pm. I would like to share some of the pictures I took in the Shrine…

It wasn’t my first time to visit the shrine but it was almost a decade since I went here and I could say that this experience made me a bit nostalgic. Luckily, someone could take me  pictures as my souvenir for our mini field trip.


“Ang Babae sa Bintana- Version 2011”

“Chubby is the New Sexy…LOL!”

“Close na Close po kami ni Pepe at ni Bantay…”


“Tuloy po kayo sa Bahay ni Dr. Jose Rizal…”

 I’m just happy that I was able to attend the Sunday mass and had an extra tour to one of the famous tourist spots of Calamba. It’s always a privilege to visit the place after many years and I’m thankful that my Boss(es) and Colleagues agreed to do so.


“with my Lovely Colleagues”

-3rd day in CALAMBA Laguna-

Our last day was spent in doing some team-building activities, group sharing and enjoying the rest of the time taking pictures and splurging in the pool. We got to experience the Jacuzzi on the last day, too. (I couldn’t remember that it worked on our 1st and 2nd day) here’s our picture for a proof.. hahahaha! 🙂


Yasss for the JACUZZI! 🙂

We checked out at EGL at 12noon and you could see and feel the heat of the Sun within our faces as we pose for our mandatory group picture beside the pool (LOL!)


“KVC FAMILY – 2011”

I hope you had a great time reading my blog. Till next time Again! Mwaah! :*













Discovering Zambales :)

It’s been 12345678910 years that I posted here in my blog and since I still have my free time, I’ll try my best to catch up now.

 Anyway, I’ll be sharing with y’all my experience about Zambales –  a province located in Central Luzon and its rugged shoreline features many coves and inlets. 

Around February 2011 when my friends and I went at Pundaquit, San Antonio. I couldn’t share how much fare you’ll spend going to San Antonio because that time, we got our own vehicle courtesy of my friend but You may check Victory Liner  for their rates and schedules.  Our  travel time from Valenzuela to San Antonio passing SCTEX was 3.5-4 hours and went first to the market before checking in at Sir William’s Lodge and Resort. We are very thankful to Sir Jon Salinas for the warm welcome and accommodations for our 2Days/1Night trip. 


“Sir William’s Lodge and Resort 2011”

-DAY 1- 

Before we start our day, we prepared first our breakfast bought at the market. We got some noodles, rice and scrambled eggs prepared by our 5-falling-stars Chefs (lol!) who also failed to do a nice and creative presentation (hahaha!


“A good breakfast fuels you up..”

After eating, we took a walk to the beach and played in the sand and water. We also bought some ice-cream for our panghimagas and took some pictures before we go back and prepare for lunch.



“Ready for an Adventure…”

We went back to the lodge after a few hours and took a shower and prepare ourselves to go to San Narciso to meet a friend of our friend. The good thing about this trip was having our own vehicle and going out without any hassle. We reached this simple yet beautiful place in about 1.5 hours and decided to explore the place and have some Trekking. Before we reach the start of the trail,we first had a bumpy and fun ride with an old but very sturdy hi-ace Van for 30-45 minutes. The place is owned by the friend of our friend and the views are so relaxing and naturally refreshing. We had some chats during the ride and jokingly said that, “Lahat ng natatanaw mo, hindi akin yan.. Hahaha!” However, it’s a different story for the owners because figuratively and literally, Everything is inclusively acquired by their family. Oh! Wow. Just Wow! 🙂 

download (1).jpg

“The trek to Cabanggan Falls begin…”

When we reached the peak start, we walked along the streams, stones, dry grasses and cliffs, etc. and this is really a buwis-buhay activity (for me, I guess.. lol!)  I have a poor stamina in taking long walks but because we got some doctors with us, (sagot nila ako.. hahaha!) I pushed myself more to see the Cabanggan Falls. After 12345678910 years, (hahaha!) we did it and saw this beautiful falls.


Cabanggan Falls -2011


Mandatory #Groufie with the Gang =)

I coudn’t imagine how I survived that buwis-buhay adventure of going up to the falls and climbing down and fulfilling the trek. I just remembered the fun and excitement I had when we heard that we will eat fresh shrimps and seafoods — YumYumYum!  Too bad, I didn’t have any picture of the food because I enjoyed eating a lot that time.. Hehehe! =)


“Me Posing and Smiling-as if hindi nahirapan..LOL!”

I forgot the name of the friend of our friend but we are very thankful for the hospitality and generosity that he had shared with us. Our Day 1 in Zambales was a blast! We  went back to San Antonio and capped the night off.

-DAY 2-

The highlight of our 2nd day in Pundaquit was Island hopping. We were fortunate enough to rent and ride the biggest boat in Pundaquit owned by Sir Jon. Originally, we wanted to see Anawangin, Capones and the Islands nearby but we wanted to spend the whole afternoon at Nagsasa Cove. We went first again to the market and bought giant squid, liempos, mangoes and other things that we need. We left Pundaquit at around 10 am and reached Nagsasa at around 12 noon. 


“Boat Ride Going To Nagsasa Cove…”


“Beautiful Rock Transformation along Camara Island”

When we reached the island, we were surprised to see how lovely the island was. The water is calm, clear and not too deep. The pine-needle trees called Agoho contributed a lot to the serenity of the place. There’s no mobile signal and you could just enjoy the picturesque view, dip in the waters, walk on the shoreline, trek on the hills, take a nap and savor the moment.

This give us the feels— truly relaxing and breathtaking! 

We prepared our food and eat sumptuously as we could. We prepared inihaw na liempo, inihaw na relyenong pusit -which is  too big for the 5 of us for our rice viand and had ripe mangoes for our dessert. it was a feast! (Grabe, the busolve & craving feels as I typed this blog) 


Sarap!!! (means delicious or yummy)

We stayed until 5pm in the afternoon and played in the waters and pose in the cameras. It was one of the most enjoyable biglaan-trip we had. I got many pictures courtesy of my feeling photographer jowamarquez..hihihi! And I’m sharing few of my favorites. 



 I hope you had fun reading this post! Till next time! Mwah! :* :* :*


The SunSet – See you Again, Zambales! 🙂


Ocean Adventure@Subic :)

My Next Entry is about my Ocean Adventure experience at Subic, Zambales.

It was May 16, 2010; my 2nd year of experiencing the Company Outing  of KVC. Thanks to our Superiors who made it possible to have a 1-day tour this time for us to take a rest the day after! 🙂  

To cut the Long Story short, our destination was to take a trip northwards and that was to drive to SUBIC. Our call time was 7am-8am in the center. I arrived just in time and waited with them because our shuttle was quite late. Oh, By the Way, before we leave, we played the “I never…” game..hahaha! I’m quite sad because I was eliminated early,but there were 3 winners left and as long as we remember, they would be given prizes individually. So, sa Mga Winners, Blow-Out naman jan! Zagu! Zagu! Zagu! haha! ;p And then Manong driver came and we leave Valenzuela by past 8am. We reached Subic after 2 ½ hours driving at NLEX and SCTEX. Our SUBIC trip was enjoyable because it was smooth and fun. Me and My Van-mates’ chattering, giggling, sight-seeing and eating made the 2 ½ hours worthwhile. Too bad, I wasn’t able to describe the activities of my other friends/colleagues on the other van, but so far, I think they enjoyed it more than we do… (‘kaw ba naman ang maka-experience ng umuusok ang Loob ng Van nyo, d k ba matutuwa nun.. hahaha!) Heehaw!

Going back, We reached OCEAN ADVENTURE at past 10am in the morning and of course, we take some group pictures/vanity moments for keepsake purposes as we waited for our tickets. We headed in the Main Door and the Ocean Adventure staff assigned at the entrance had our bag and ticket checked and wrists stamped with a dolphin logo. We were fascinated to see the dolphins eating fish, playing and swimming as we entered the park premises.

We took our early lunch at the restaurant inside. The food was a bit pricey and there’s nothing special about it. After eating, we were advised of the schedules of the tour. The tours inside the marine park are organized so that each area in the facility will not be over-crowded with the touring batches. Our first tour was THE WALK ON THE WILD SIDE. We are taught some survival tips when stuck on a forest. The trainers/tamers show us different animals that they train to show us some tricks. The white rats, the bat, the owl, and the eagle are the first set to show off their tricks. However, when the host announced that the snake was missing, the crowd was thrilled because everyone was clueless where the snake went. Then, he told us that the snake was inside a blue bag that happened to lie beside my co-teachers; everyone got thrilled. The show also presented us domestic animals like cat and dogs and taught us that every animal deserved to be respected and treated well. Luckily, I was able to take some pictures and experienced feeding the bat. (kaya Lang kinaLmot nya ako… ) But It was still fun.. 🙂

The second show was very exciting and entertaining – THE HIGH DIVE SHOW. World champions in diving were featured in the 30- minute show displaying death-defying stunts which were also spiced up with comedy act brought by Isko- the fil am boy and the rest of the divers. Every one of us were so excited and amazed with the stunts that it made us cheering and shouting for more. I took some pictures of the divers and captured those stunts, thanks to my beloved digital camera and p990i fone. 😉

THE DOLPHIN FRIENDS SHOW is the third show that made me so excited to take pictures and captured the tricks. I opted to stay with T. Anna, T. Carol and T. Cha at the shed because we find it too hot to stay on the crowded theater. Since it was my first time to see the live dolphins and as per Wowa’s request, I am very happy that I was able to do it. However, I had a hard time taking pictures that’s why, some of my pictures are quite blurry because my location is quite far with the big amphitheater plus I need to use my camera’s ZOOM for nearer shots and same goes with some of my videos. Anyway, I so love those trained and domesticated dolphins and the killer whale that walked, danced, jumped, swam in the water and flew in the air for 30 minutes. I wanted to take them home. After that, we had our time to do our re-touch, took some pictures, and bought some souvenirs and refreshments.

At 2:15 p.m., we headed to an enclosed area to witness the last tour- the SEA LION MARINE PATROL SHOW. I truly enjoyed this part of the tour because we got to see the sea lions up close. It was a one man – err one sea lion act which lasted for almost an hour featuring the sea lion gliding, rolling, dancing, showing his tongue out, giggling and making sounds! The trainers are very articulate, too. They also taught us the 3r’s: RE-USE, REDUCE and RECYCLE to help save our environment.

After our OCEAN Adventure tour, we took a 15-minute drive to reach ZOOBIC Safari. However, because of the long line at the ticket booth and the tour that will take 3 hours to be completed has not started yet, Our Superiors decided to cancel our tour in Zoobic Safari and just have our Merienda at Chowking for us to have long time doing our shopping at Duty Free/Nike-Adidas-Flipflops-Crocs-Havaianas-Ipanema Outlets. 

The original plan was to experience Kayaking, Cable Car Ride and Zip Line at Tree top adventure too but too bad we didn’t have more time to do it and we’re all tired and exhausted walking under the heat of the sun. That’s why we just went to Duty Free after taking our snacks. Thanks to our Superiors who gave us cash for our shopping (YAHOO!) and instructed us to finish our shopping within an hour. We bought yummy foods, nice things and drooling chocolates as our pasalubong for our families and friends.

We left Subic at around 5 p.m. and we traveled again on the familiar route of  SCTEX-NLEX. I took a nap in-betweens of  our travel. When I woke up, we  watched a movie through my PSP without sounds… Hahaha!!!  I still could clearly imagine that scene.  LOL. xD

This day was so FUN! FUN! FUN! I was able to see another beautiful sight, bond with my colleagues, escape the heat and savor the moment to relax, enjoy and have fun. One Aweome Experience! 🙂

We reached the Center by 8:15 p.m. , took some pictures and fixed things and then called it a day… 🙂 Oh,  on that same day, the sky was Special. There’s a small  Star over the Moon!  God is really wonderful! 🙂 

Thank you for reading! 🙂

Till My Next Post! 🙂


CLub BaLai Isabel :)

As I’ve said in my previous blog, I’ll individually blog those places that I’ve already visited. So, here it is. My journey to CLUB BALAI ISABEL! 🙂

Actually, Going to Tagaytay-Batangas is not new to me. I’ve been there many times kaya lang digicams/fonecams do not exist that time kaya wala akong mashare na insta-pix about my 1st trip dun.  Btw,  here’s a compilation of my shots of  TAGAYTAY over-viewing TAAL LAKE .:)

Anyway,  this is my 1st time naman going in Club Balai Isabel, so let me share to you my adventure during that time. It was my 1st company outing since I joined KVC in 2008. One sunny day of May 2009 at 8 am, I headed to the center and waited with my colleagues for our shuttle. At past 8, we leave Valenzuela and took our way to the South along EDSA.

We went 1st to PINK SISTERS because it’s a Sunday, to give thanks and of course pray for our safety all throughout the trip. We took pictures as we waited for some who bought souvenirs.

Our check-in time at Balai was 2pm. It was almost lunchtime, so we opted to look for a buffet resto along Tagaytay Road. We finalized at JOSEPHINE and savor the sumptuous foods and best-sellers for our lunch. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take a picture of the Eat-all-you-can servings because I’m not yet an addicted  Foodie that time. ;p The foods are all yummy and cheaper in price compared to other restaurants offering buffet. It’s a 9 out of 10 for me!  Anyways, here are some of our eating moments memoirs… 🙂

During our way to CLUB BALAI ISABEL, I felt a little dizzy because of the ziggy roads we have taken. After 30 minutes, we reached Balai Isabel and went to the reception lounge as we waited for our turn to check-in.. 🙂

Our bosses got Villa FRANCO for our accommodations. It’ s a 2 story-house type with 3 bedrooms. Aside from the villas, they also got cabanas,  hotel rooms,  lake shore and orchard lane suites. Here is the picture of the villa that we have stayed. 🙂

We decided to stay at the room in the 1st floor while my co-teachers preferred staying on the 2nd floor. My Reading friends and colleagues-T.Carol, T.Cha and T.Lene were my roommates. We stayed at the living room watching TV while others took a plunge in the pool… :))

During the night, we went to their cafe and had our dinner. They served us their famous Tawilis and Bulalo… yum!

After the dinner, we went back in the Villa. Chat a little, Watch TV then zZzzZz.

The next day, I woke up early and strolled around the place with them. 🙂

After that, we headed back in the Villa and prepared for our departure. And Guess What we do next?!?  Ano pa eh di Never-ending CAM-WHORING!  :))))

We check-out at 2pm and bought Pasalubongs from stores along the way. We took the Alabang Exit and Had some Late Lunch/Merienda at KFC.. 🙂

After our merienda, we went to Kumon Alabang  Center for Our Center Visit. We met other Kumon instructors and we observed their routines/techniques in instructing kiddos. After our observation, we were served yummy Contis treat, BBQ and Pancit Malabon. Then pose for groupie shot with them. Unfortunately, my camera’s battery died by that time, so I failed to take pics with them. Anyways, we all had a great time and at past 8pm, we leave Alabang and got h0me in Valenzuela at 11pm.

My CLUB BALAI ISABEL Experience was not that bad. Its just that my expectation was far from what I’ve seen & experienced. If I would rate the place, it’s 7 out of 10. But the Place is perfect if you want  to get away from the hustle of  the city. Oh! Their rates was way higher than usual private resorts. Hopefully, they could offer affordable rates in the next year.  Oh, BTW, the place is also ideal for Wedding Venues. Last January 2011, this place was Chosen by Oyo Sotto & KrisTine Hermosa as their wedding venue. This 2016, it was chosen by the Family, Friends and Fans of the very Beautiful and Classy Liza Soberano as the venue of her 18th birthday celebration. It was one cool idea and romantic, too! 🙂

Thank you for reading! 🙂

Till my next bLog! 🙂


It’s More Fun to TraveL… :)

I’m a Lakwachera.. hehe! ;p

Superlike ko mag-Travel Around the WorLd..

pero dahiL di pa ako big time,

I prefer to travel Around the Philippines muna… 🙂

It’s more Fun to travel naman talaga sa Pinas! 🙂

Here are some of my shots in different places na napuntahan ko na..
















that’s all for the meantime… ;p

next time, I’ll be blogging it individually :))

thank you! ❤