I had the chance to explore the beauty of Bicolandia region, together  with my colleagues around 2nd week of October 2012. We left Valenzuela City around 4 a.m. because our flight was half past 6 a.m. We reached the airport just in time and waited for our boarding time.  The travel time to reach Legazpi is approximately an hour but  depends on the air traffic.


Aerial Shot Of Mt. Mayon

We arrived at Legazpi Airport at around 8 a.m and this is the first thing I saw at the plane’s window.


Maligayang Pagdating Sa Legazpi! 🙂

We are quite excited to explore Legazpi City as we heard many good reviews in this tourist’s  spot.


Reading Team 🙂



The Oriental Legazpi, our residence for our overnight trip, provided us a van and took us to the hotel after a fifteen-minutes drive from the airport. The hotel is located on top of Taysan hill, overlooking Legazpi City and the beautiful Mayon Volcano. Upon reaching the hotel, we are greeted by their friendly staff. As you can see, the hotel is quite cozy and sophisticated.


They let us wait at the check-in lounge and also offered us welcome drinks as they prepared the rooms that we’ve reserved. 


Finally, after 5 minutes, we are given our room assignments and room access so we could unload our things. We are told to freshen up and be back at the lobby to start our city tour.

Our first stop was the Lignon Hill, one of the prominent landmarks in Legazpi City. 




It operates from 8 a.m to 11 p.m daily with a minimum park environmental fee for those who will visit. This place offers a panoramic view of  the city’s skyline, nearby cities, the volcano and several activities like zip-line, biking, jogging, etc. We arrived here at around 10 a.m. and because it’s quite cloudy, we did not capture the perfect cone shape of this volcano. It’s quite perfect to go here during earlier time and during the evening for a more fantastic view. Our tour guide told us that during the Mt. Mayon eruption, this place blocked the lava flow and prevented massive destruction in the city. We got our own vehicle that’s why we didn’t experience trekking up the hill. Here are some of the shots I’ve got in our trip as we explore the view deck of Lignon Hill.


Zip-line seen on the Parking Area


Lignon Hill’s Map


Sssshhh…the island nearby  looks like a sleeping lion


Legazpi Airport’s runway

We didn’t forget to take obligatory group photos for keepsake purposes. 

Of course, I’ll always have some moments, too! 🙂




♥ Lignon Moments ♥


One Last Look at Magayon na Bulkan 🙂

We also went to the Japanese Tunnel inside the Lignon Hill. 


We failed to get inside the cave because there’s no one to assist us. So, we go down again and just took a picture instead.


After that, we went to PHIVOLCS Observatory located also at Lignon Hill.

phivolcs (5)

It serves as the central monitoring station for Mayon and as a Science House for visitors and the scientific community in the area as well. It was constructed in 1989 and the third observatory in Albay. We’re able to learn something new here especially in using different materials to observe the volcano’s activity.

phivolcs (1)phivolcs (4)phivolcs (3)phivolcs (2)

Our next stop is the Cagsawa Park or Cagsawa Ruins which is located in Brgy. Busay, Cagsawa, Daraga, Albay. 

cagsawa (16).JPG

Beautiful Cagsawa Ruins

One of the historical places in Albay, it was built in 1587 and known as Cagsawa Church. In 1636, it was burned down by the thieving Dutch and reconstructed during 1724. However, in 1814, the Mayon Volcano erupted and caused a massive destruction to the church, surroundings and houses and death to approximately 2,000 people living inside the community. Only the belfry and some parts of the convent survive and is maintained and preserved by the city government.

cagsawa (34).JPG

the Divine Mercy statue located inside the park

cagsawa (22)

the belfry of Cagsawa church

cagsawa (40)

the ruins of the Convent

It was raining then when we reached the park, we have to wait for a few minutes inside the van. Luckily, the rain stopped and gave us a cool, chilly weather. We first had our obligatory group shot at Cagsawa Park.

We had a lot of picture taking activity that day  – as in, a lot 🙂

And yes, I still have my own fair share of limelight, hahaha!!! 🙂

cagsawa (26)cagsawa (27)

cagsawa (28)

♥Cagsawa Moments♥

It’s almost 12 noon when we left Cagsawa ruins. It’s lunch time already.

We dropped by along a small restaurant, which I forgot the name, known for their famous dishes. We tried their Sinigang (not in the picture), Tempura, the famous Pinangat, which were all good and delicious and their Bicol Express was really spicy.  

Our next stop after our lunch is the Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave.


Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave

Hoyop-Hoyopan cave is located in Cotmon Village, Camalig, Albay.  There are entrance and parking fees in visiting this cave as it’s maintained by three well-known families in Albay. We also hired a local tour guide to accompany us inside the cave. According to our guide, it’ll take us 11 hours too fully explore the cave butt we opted to have the short one. The cave has a natural ventilation, that’s why it’s called “Hoyop-Hoyopan.” The word “hoyop” in Bicol means “blowing of the wind.” One of the cave’s opening will give you a majestic view of Mayon volcano in its serene or violent mood. We started our trek and took our group picture inside as we finished the first level.

hoyopan (13).JPG

Level 1-done!

The tour guide narrated some stories about the cave’s history and about the stalactites and stalagmites seen inside the cave. We were very entertained in his ways of describing each of the rock formations. Here are the few shots I got inside the cave.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At the end of the tour, we bought some crystals (not in the picture) which is said to bring good fortune and home-made souvenirs for us to remember this memory always.

pasalubong (5).JPG

Miniature of Mt. Mayon

The cave is a good place for those people who want to venture out for adventure.  I’m not fond into this kind of activity because I’m quite afraid of the dark and steep or murky floors but I’ve enjoyed this. It’s always nice to acquire new learning and information as well as accomplish something in places you’ve never been before.

hoyopan (6).JPG

Hooray! We did it!

 We traveled back to Daraga to see Our Lady of Gate Parish.

daraga (25)daraga (6)daraga (5)daraga (7)daraga (8)

Our Lady of Gate Parish is also known as Nuestra Señora de la Porteria Parish Church, but commonly known as Daraga Church. It was erected atop a hill in barangay Santa Maria overlooking the Mayon Volcano. We’re told that this church serves as a settlement of people who relocate after Mount Mayon eruption.

I had to stop by because I don’t want to miss capturing the beautiful view of the volcano.

daraga (4)

♥Mt. Mayon♥

By the time that we visited this church, it was under restoration. The facade of this church is an example of Baroque style and alongside of the church is the covenant. We all had the chance to pray for our intentions and I didn’t forget to say mine. They also had a solemn place for the devotees of each Saints.

daraga (9)daraga (16)daraga (23)daraga (22)daraga (21)daraga (20)daraga (19)daraga (17)daraga (18)daraga (24)daraga (10)daraga (11)daraga (12)daraga (13)daraga (14)daraga (15)

We didn’t forget to take pictures at the facade of Daraga Church and The Mayon Volcano.

daraga (27)

daraga (26).JPG

Our final stop is to trek  the Lava and Trail summit of Mount Mayon. 

a (3)

Ready for Adventure

Your Brother Travel and Tours provided us a 4×4 vehicle on our way to the summit. The bumpy, rough and jagged trails with waters and lava rocks made our adrenaline pumped up as we traversed our way to a more exciting experience.

a (1)a (4)

We reached the end course, which is the parking area of the 4×4 and we took first a group picture as a proof that our memorable adventure really happened.

As we walked on our way to the top of the Lava Wall, I really couldn’t believe that I would be experiencing this adventure. I never imagined that I would be brave enough traversing the trails of Mayon Volcano. Anyway, as much as I wanted to quit, I still couldn’t because it’s only a once in a lifetime experience. So off we started climbing the debris of the lava wall. 

a (2)

So high…

It was really frightening to climb the debris and rocks because most us were just wearing slippers and flip flops as you can see.  

trek (4)

almost there…

trek (5)


Still, we did it and reached halfway the lava front. We stopped for a while to take this awesome picture.

trek (7)


trek (6)

brave ladies

When we reached the lava front, also known as the helipad, I was mesmerized with a closer view of the volcano and the 360 degrees view of the city.


Of course, we really seized the moment taking pictures here, there and everywhere. 

Some local legends attempt to explain why and when Mayon chooses to hide behind the clouds. One legend says that Mount Mayon is the burial ground of Princess Daragang Mayon and her lover Ulap. When clouds cover the peak, this means the princess is locked in a tight embrace and lost in a passionate kiss with her lover. 

trek (21)

Thank you and See you Again, Mayon! ♥

The easy way to go down is to take a zip-line. However, it’s quite expensive that’s why we preferred doing the trek down even if it’s quite difficult. We spent some 20-30 minutes  climbing down the lava wall.  I was the third person to go down so I took a picture of them before going down.

trek (17)

the Art of Waiting 🙂

Truly, God has been so good to us because he gave us a good weather, courage and strength to experience this. 

trek (26)

Thumbs Up! (Y)

This will be forever memorable to all of us – bumpy, rough, scary but awesome! ♥

trek (25)

It was almost sunset when we reached the town proper. We went first at the Albay Pili store. It is the most popular pasalubong shop in Legazpi City and operates from Monday to Sunday. This store resembles an ancestral house and offers variants of famous pili nuts and Bicol’s delicacies in a jar. The store accepts cash and credit cards for their transaction. These were  my choices then for a budget of 600 pesos. 

pasalubong (8).JPG

After that, we went to the local market nearby the bus terminal because we heard that the products are quite cheaper  then. We bought a lot because they have some promos for their products. I bought some pili de pastillas,  ref magnets, key chains, coin purses, local pili nuts variants and the yummy mazapan that tasted like yema (both not in the picture) and believe it or not I only paid 200 pesos for everything. I made some “tawad” or asked for discounts because I wanted to buy a shirt then but I didn’t so I still have 200 left for my pasalubong budget.

pasalubong (3)pasalubong (6)

pasalubong (4).JPG

We had our dinner at SIBID-SiBID restaurant located somewhere along Legazpi City. We had a hard time locating it but through the help of my bosses’ colleague, we’re able to find it. Sibid-Sibid is a full service restaurant that serves seafoods and traditional pinoy dishes at very reasonable prices.

sibid (1).JPG

Our food choices for that day were Rice, Kare-Kare, Grilled Stuffed Squid, Pork Sisig and Steak

Our tummies were filled sumptuously and after our dinner we went back to the hotel.  We also saw the famous Embarcadero but forgot to capture it. After few minutes, we reached the hotel and it was majestic at night. I tried taking pictures of the city’s view at night but I failed to have some good shot. It was neither blur or too dark.


We didn’t have the chance to take a swim in the pool because it’s already close at 8pm. We went  to our own rooms, took a shower then capped the night off. In my case, I fixed my things already so I won’t have to hurry for the next day when we check out.  I woke up at 5:30 a.m. even if I’m still sleepy and my body’s aching. I did that so I could have a sight of Mayon Volcano early in the morning. However, ’twas very foggy that morning and this was the only good shot I got.

oriental (22).JPG

“Another legend says that the Mayon Volcano only reveals herself to the pure of heart…” Am I? ♥

Before having our breakfast buffet, we went to the pool side in the 3rd floor and have our pictures taken there.

goodmorning (6).JPG

goodmorning (9).JPG

goodmorning (18)goodmorning (19)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

oriental (26)oriental (27)

After that, we fixed ourselves and then we went to Jasmine Restaurant for our complimentary buffet breakfast. Here are some of my shots inside the restaurant. 

We really had a good time trying their buffet. So yummy! Of course, we didn’t forget to take a group shot of this scrumptious moment. 

jasminebuffet (1).JPG

After our breakfast, we looked in the souvenir shop inside the hotel. They’re selling native bags, slippers, towels, caps, shorts and shirts. I found some good quality shirt for 100 pesos each and bought 2 pieces. We then walked around and took some pictures as we waited for our check-out.

oriental (12).JPG

The sun is up then but we went back at the pool area to have a better view of the hotel and the city and of course to have our own photo souvenirs.

oriental (5)oriental (6)

oriental (52)oriental (53)oriental (54)

After few minutes, we went inside the hotel again and killed the time taking pictures and watching TV.

oriental (3)oriental (15)oriental (16)oriental (11)oriental (19)

We checked out at 12 pm and reached the airport within 15 minutes-quite early for our flight back to Manila. We safely reached Manila at around 3 p.m. and went home around 7 p.m.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Truly, it’s more fun in the Philippines as it was fun exploring LEGAZPI. I’m just grateful to God for the blessing and guidance. I want to thank my boss(es) for their generosity in giving us travel opportunities like this. I just hope I could also travel back there to discover more places and activities with my family. Thank you for Reading my blog and Til Next Time! :*

oriental (13).JPG

Tiis-Ganda BICOLANDIA shot ♥


Day 21/30 Blogging Challenge

Hello. I’ve been missing  out my daily challenges for the past few days because I’m not really feeling well. Anyway, I’ll try to catch up  for my 21st day of this challenge. So today, I’ll be sharing some of the things that make me sad. This+makes+me+sad+none+bronies+skip+my+friend_3f2333_3122683.gif

  • I get easily sad or upset when different things fall apart – in life, career,finances,  relationship or friendship.
  • I’m sad whenever things or my plans didn’t work out well. It makes me think that I’m not capable of doing that task or work or get along with different set of people. 
  • I’m sad when I couldn’t give my family’s needs or wants.  I feel useless and empty whenever I couldn’t provide well.
  • I’m sad when Friends began to be distant, aloof or awkward. I feel upset also when they say or talk about things behind my back.
  • I feel sad to the thought of things will not go back to the way it was.
  • I’m also sad whenever someone leaves.
  • I also feel sad seeing the situations of sick-old-homeless-abused people.
  • Abortion and death make me sad, too. 

Because I’m quite sensitive, ma-emote type of person and a cry baby, I let this sadness fill me up to the point that I couldn’t move forward easily.  However, Life has Ups and Downs. There will be times that the sun will not come out. But, as I’ve said before, we must be reminded that rainy and stormy days will eventually stop, too. We just need to stay optimistic and see the goodness in every situation.

Thank you for reading and Til Next! :*


Day 20/30 Blogging Challenge

“You create your own Happiness.” -Anonymous

The quote above is quite true. We are in-charge of our own Happiness. However, it’s hard for some of us to figure what makes us happy as well as to stay happy. Everybody wants to be happy. But, how do we find happiness?  What makes us truly happy? For my  20th day of blogging challenge. let me share with y’all what makes me happy. 


I struggled a lot before to know what makes me happy. However, as I grew older, I was able to realize who and what gives me real joy and happiness. 

Of course, my family and special someone make me genuinely happy. They are the reason of my living and I’ll be forever grateful to God for bringing them into my life.

Spending some time and going out with my friends gives me happiness. It doesn’t matter what food we’ll be eating or place we’ll be going. As long as we have stories and topics to talk about, it’ll always be enough. 

Exploring my skills and hobbies gives me joy. It also keeps me sane and relax. I’m also happy to discover new things that will help me develop my crafts and talents.

I find happiness in the simplest things. Sweet nothings are my weakness. Because I’m a mababaw-type of person, I laugh at the silliest and corniest joke. I could have the same thing or be with the same people over and over again without the thought of being fed up.

The thought of someone remembered me at one point in his/her life makes me happy. I always believe that the thought counts more. It makes me feel loved and special.

When somebody appreciated my efforts, this gives me an assurance that I’m doing something right and they give importance to what I did.

The quality of our thoughts always determine our happiness.  I’ve been practicing these things for quite some time as my reminder and mantra for Happiness.

Pray Hard – Lift up all your insecurities, worries and burdens to God by saying a prayer. Pray also for  the difficult people in your life. This will not only lighten your load but will also help you increase your spiritual growth.

Love Yourself – Spend time alone. Meditate. Rest. Do what you like and love. Get fit. Eat well. 

Forgive Yourself & Others – We are all humans to make mistakes and be reminded to get through and move on from them.Always avoid to have regrets.

Be Grateful – Gratitude is Attitude. Always be thankful for everything even in the smallest things that you have.

Be a Giver – It is better to give than to receive. The art of giving should have no expectations. It’s nice to receive something, but it will always be nicer to give and share your blessings. 

Be Contented – We are blessed in our own ways. Don’t compare yourself or your journey with others. Avoid jealousy and envy. Focus with your own business and blessings.

Be Optimistic – Stay away from any kind of negativity. Don’t stress yourself too much with things or people that you cannot change. Optimism is a happiness magnet. if you stay positive, good things and people will be drawn to you.

Keep the Faith – Do not fear and worry about something or anything. Always believe that everything is going to work well. Stay strong and brave.

 Yes, there will always be one point in our lives that we often wonder how some people look happy, feel happy and stay happy amidst the struggles of life. It’s really possible to be upbeat and roll in the punches of life. We just need to start finding it within ourselves. 🙂

Thank you and Till Next!  :*


Day 19/30 Blogging Challenge

Movies or Film are series of still images that create a moving or flowing illusion when played in the big screen.

Personally, I like watching movies with different genre. Usually, I’m into animations,comedy, romantic-comedy, indie films, sci-fi, documentaries, novel-based and musical. I also like other type of movies but I watched them less. I watched local movies also but it depends on who’ll topbill in the film. 

For my 19th day blogging challenge, I’ll be sharing with y’all my favorite movie of all-time which is CLiCk. 

Adam Sandler topbills this movie. Sandler plays an overworked architect who neglects his family. When he acquires a universal remote that enables him to “fast forward” through unpleasant or outright dull parts of his life, he soon learns that those seemingly bad moments that he skips over contained valuable time with his family and important life lessons. Throughout the story, a man named Morty explains how the remote works and issues warning. At the end of the story, Sandler learns to value the life he had and realizes that he cannot skip everything.

This story got so many lessons that we all need to learn. In our life, there will be sun shiny days and rainy days as well. We have to remember that we need to enjoy each day of our lives, be more grateful that we’ve survived some challenges along our way and eventually live and seize the moments with our loved ones. Life isn’t easy to live but when we know our purpose of living, we will somehow conclude that to live is to have a life. 

How about you? Do you like watching movies? What kind of movies do you like to watch? What’s your favorite movie so far? Care to share it? Thank you and Til Next! 😘


Day 18/30 Blogging Challenge

I love taking pictures. Who wouldn’t? It makes me happy to remember that certain moment, event and day that I captured it. Wikipedia states that a photograph is created using a camera for keepsakes.

Years ago, we use a camera and a film to produce a photograph. We could not see the final output of our photographs unless we developed the film. Nowadays, as technology progressed, different kinds of cameras and phone cameras are used. Cameras now have memory chips for us to save our photos. By then, we could instantly see our pictures and recapture it if it’s not good. Because we want to make sure that it’ll look good, we could also enhance the quality of our shots by using different photo applications. We are lucky enough to experience new processes of taking photos because if not, we could not document our special events and travels.

For my day 18 challenge, I will share with y’all my favorite photograph of myself. Here it is:


This photo was taken months ago, during my birthday.

How about you? What’s your favorite photo of yourself?

Thank you and Til Next! 😘


Day 17/30 Blogging Challenge

I do blogging because I want to share my ideas, experiences and random thoughts about anything and everything under the sun. I’m also inspired by different bloggers and spend time visiting their sites. I regularly visit and read each post for information, inspiration and because I like how they write their stories and posts.

For my Day 17 of the Blogging Challenge, I would like to share with y’all my favorite blogs. 

 Here are my top 7 favorites:

1. myinnermystic

2. nerimiranda

3. www.wheninmanila.com

4. www.definitelyfilipino.com

5. www.celineism.com

6. biancatalks.tumblr.com

7. www.lessonlearnedinlife.com

Although blogging everyday is quite challenging to maintain and keep up, it’s always a great feeling that you’ve inspired someone with your posts as you’re also inspired from others. 

I’m quite sad to miss out other blogs I’ve been following for too long but I wanted to let them know that they’re all fantastic. I just want to keep this post for my top 7, though. 

Are you following them? 

Thank you and Til Next! 😘


Day 16/30 Blogging Challenge

​Yay! It’s my 16th day in the Blogging Challenge and I’ll be sharing with y’all my thoughts about EDUCATION. 

According to Wikipedia, “Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.”  We need to keep in mind that it is our passport for our future and the greatest gift that we can give to ourselves and to anyone. 

Most of all, whatever we learn through education becomes a part of who we are. To be successful doesn’t depend on our intelligence neither on what we are able to attain through education but merely through our character. Education must develop someone’s sense of humanity. In that way, we will be able to meet each of our life’s situations.

How about you?  Thank You & Til Next! 😘