Discovering Zambales :)

It’s been 12345678910 years that I posted here in my blog and since I still have my free time, I’ll try my best to catch up now.

 Anyway, I’ll be sharing with y’all my experience about Zambales –  a province located in Central Luzon and its rugged shoreline features many coves and inlets. 

Around February 2011 when my friends and I went at Pundaquit, San Antonio. I couldn’t share how much fare you’ll spend going to San Antonio because that time, we got our own vehicle courtesy of my friend but You may check Victory Liner  for their rates and schedules.  Our  travel time from Valenzuela to San Antonio passing SCTEX was 3.5-4 hours and went first to the market before checking in at Sir William’s Lodge and Resort. We are very thankful to Sir Jon Salinas for the warm welcome and accommodations for our 2Days/1Night trip. 


“Sir William’s Lodge and Resort 2011”

-DAY 1- 

Before we start our day, we prepared first our breakfast bought at the market. We got some noodles, rice and scrambled eggs prepared by our 5-falling-stars Chefs (lol!) who also failed to do a nice and creative presentation (hahaha!


“A good breakfast fuels you up..”

After eating, we took a walk to the beach and played in the sand and water. We also bought some ice-cream for our panghimagas and took some pictures before we go back and prepare for lunch.



“Ready for an Adventure…”

We went back to the lodge after a few hours and took a shower and prepare ourselves to go to San Narciso to meet a friend of our friend. The good thing about this trip was having our own vehicle and going out without any hassle. We reached this simple yet beautiful place in about 1.5 hours and decided to explore the place and have some Trekking. Before we reach the start of the trail,we first had a bumpy and fun ride with an old but very sturdy hi-ace Van for 30-45 minutes. The place is owned by the friend of our friend and the views are so relaxing and naturally refreshing. We had some chats during the ride and jokingly said that, “Lahat ng natatanaw mo, hindi akin yan.. Hahaha!” However, it’s a different story for the owners because figuratively and literally, Everything is inclusively acquired by their family. Oh! Wow. Just Wow! 🙂 

download (1).jpg

“The trek to Cabanggan Falls begin…”

When we reached the peak start, we walked along the streams, stones, dry grasses and cliffs, etc. and this is really a buwis-buhay activity (for me, I guess.. lol!)  I have a poor stamina in taking long walks but because we got some doctors with us, (sagot nila ako.. hahaha!) I pushed myself more to see the Cabanggan Falls. After 12345678910 years, (hahaha!) we did it and saw this beautiful falls.


Cabanggan Falls -2011


Mandatory #Groufie with the Gang =)

I coudn’t imagine how I survived that buwis-buhay adventure of going up to the falls and climbing down and fulfilling the trek. I just remembered the fun and excitement I had when we heard that we will eat fresh shrimps and seafoods — YumYumYum!  Too bad, I didn’t have any picture of the food because I enjoyed eating a lot that time.. Hehehe! =)


“Me Posing and Smiling-as if hindi nahirapan..LOL!”

I forgot the name of the friend of our friend but we are very thankful for the hospitality and generosity that he had shared with us. Our Day 1 in Zambales was a blast! We  went back to San Antonio and capped the night off.

-DAY 2-

The highlight of our 2nd day in Pundaquit was Island hopping. We were fortunate enough to rent and ride the biggest boat in Pundaquit owned by Sir Jon. Originally, we wanted to see Anawangin, Capones and the Islands nearby but we wanted to spend the whole afternoon at Nagsasa Cove. We went first again to the market and bought giant squid, liempos, mangoes and other things that we need. We left Pundaquit at around 10 am and reached Nagsasa at around 12 noon. 


“Boat Ride Going To Nagsasa Cove…”


“Beautiful Rock Transformation along Camara Island”

When we reached the island, we were surprised to see how lovely the island was. The water is calm, clear and not too deep. The pine-needle trees called Agoho contributed a lot to the serenity of the place. There’s no mobile signal and you could just enjoy the picturesque view, dip in the waters, walk on the shoreline, trek on the hills, take a nap and savor the moment.

This give us the feels— truly relaxing and breathtaking! 

We prepared our food and eat sumptuously as we could. We prepared inihaw na liempo, inihaw na relyenong pusit -which is  too big for the 5 of us for our rice viand and had ripe mangoes for our dessert. it was a feast! (Grabe, the busolve & craving feels as I typed this blog) 


Sarap!!! (means delicious or yummy)

We stayed until 5pm in the afternoon and played in the waters and pose in the cameras. It was one of the most enjoyable biglaan-trip we had. I got many pictures courtesy of my feeling photographer jowamarquez..hihihi! And I’m sharing few of my favorites. 



 I hope you had fun reading this post! Till next time! Mwah! :* :* :*


The SunSet – See you Again, Zambales! 🙂

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