to E.K. and Beyond :)

My superLate post! :))

Agenda: Field Trip/Family Trip/Barkada Outing/Fun-filled Day/Excursion.

Destination: Enchanted Kingdom @ Sta. Rosa Laguna.

~For the record, on May 21, 2012, t’was my Nth time to visit  E.K. =)

And wala pa rin akong kasawaan.. Hahahaha! :’)

from Highschool up to present, SUPERLIKE ko ang E.K! 🙂

kaya naman, last 2010, I decided to include it in my “Pasyal” list every year.

For the past 2 years, mga barkada/friends ko ang kasama ko… ;’)

This 2012, napasama ako sa G/J Summer Camp of KVC… ;p

G/J Camp is a fundraising event. The proceeds are to benefit a charitable organization in Bulacan. They are helping those orphaned and abandoned street children. The participants must try to earn points by enjoying the attractions/rides inside the theme park  & the activities prepared by their Team leaders. At the same time, they must be able to build camaraderie among their teammates. 😉

There were Sleepless Nights and Endless Meetings as the event approaches. 😉 When the Day came, excitements and tensions built-up. All the participants and teachers were expected to arrive at   11 a.m. Reminders and Last-minute preparations were made. The bus left Valenzuela at 12nn and headed its way to the South.

Orange Team, Violet Team, Green Team and White Team occupied Bus # 1. =)

Yellow Team, Pink Team, Red Team and Blue Team were on Bus # 2. =)

I hosted the games for the kiddos and personally enjoyed it because I’ve been able to meet new students/friends. The kiddos in the bus were the coolest and warmest audience I’ve ever met. The 1 1/2 hour – trip with them was all worth it. (Minus the “hilo” during the actual game…) Yeehaaaaa! =’)

We reached Sta. Rosa, Laguna at 1 p.m. The day was so (as the song goes,too) Lalalalalalalalalala. :’)

We took pictures for souvenir purposes and got tickets as we waited for the park to open. All the participants were divided into different groups: ORANGE, GREEN, WHITE, VIOLET, YELLOW, PINK, BLUE & RED. Here are some of the group shots taken outside Enchanted Kingdom. 😉









It was a fun-fun day for all of us.We have given freedom to strategize on how to earn points by using and maximizing the attractions of the theme park. 🙂 I couldn’t describe/imagine how the other teams spent their day but as per my team; I could say that we’ve at least enjoyed each other’s company. The kiddos were fun to be with and adorable in their own simple ways. 🙂

Hopefully, I could keep up with my blogging activity on the succeeding days so that I could also blab about my team violet. =) At the end of the day, the YELLOW TEAM won in the over-all activity. They’re given some cool and special prizes as well as those participants on the special games.

Everybody was so happy and couldn’t get enough of taking mementos for keepsake. It was a bit tiring but the happiness and rapport given by everyone were truly one of a kind. Indeed, a SPECIAL one! 🙂

We left E.K at 8pm and reached Valenzuela at past 10p.m. The Sweetest smiles on their faces chased all the tiredness, back pains, headaches, sleepless nights and tensions  we felt that whole week — our G/J Camp 2012 was a SUCCESS! 🙂

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